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Aurelia is a design line created by Andrea, Paula and Magdalena de la Torre Suárez. The brand launched with the Ladrillo Collection that consists of unique, elaborated wooden bags with interchangeable Charro straps handmade by Mexican specialized artisans. This new line was inspired by their beloved great-grandmother Aurelia; as a tribute to the innovative, creative and advanced woman that she was.

The three sisters from Guadalajara work with artisans specialized in Charrería to design the leather straps and cotton reins, gaining the inspiration from a pure and traditional craft from Mexico that achieves to empower femininity through it's strength and beauty. The craftsman utilizes only recycled and reforested woods. Each Aurelia goes through at least twenty hands in the production process before it gets to it's owners and they can be customized according to the taste and preference of each client.